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beautiful boys

I'm moving to a new name.

LJ messed up the payment system for gifting and one time payments. I can't do automatic ones. I also can't have my username changed. So, I'm going to move on towards shutyourwhat instead. :) If you still want to be friends with me, I'll be sure to come back here and add you guys!
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I'm really trying hard to update this more. There's just so much going on, and if it wasn't for Troy... I'm not sure what I would be right now, let alone the mental state and shit. He's still helping me a lot and keeping me on my feet too. There was no Retro Replay yesterday. California is in lockdown, so I'll have to fill the void with old episodes. I had an almost meltdown yesterday until Troy came to the rescue... and then of course it had to do with pizza. It's his fault that I got my dad to cook a pizza. So, that's what we had. Thanks, Troy. XD I changed my Camp NaNo story back to the one for Acadia. I'm not really feeling the romance/drama one. I'm keeping a distance away from my boyfriend. My life is chaotic right now because I'm isolating myself from the outside world. I'm not even letting Kaito and/or Axel go out with me. It's too risky.
he's so gorgeous. *q*

Not all changes are bad.

I'm making changes to my camp NaNo story called "One in a Million". I decided to use Troy Baker as the MC's older brother. He has a fiancee too. Sometimes, Miracle gets jealous of her brother's fiancee because she's very close to him. However, she doesn't really do anything to stop them from their romance. She's not that kind of person. She wants her brother to be happy. She lives with them both because she can't quite look after herself. The fiancee works while the older brother stays home to look after Miracle and all that. He's overprotective of his baby sister and doesn't approve of her friendship with Azuka either. Mostly, he's afraid of her heart getting broken. I'm still doing my best to flesh out the details and what not. :3
beautiful boys

So bored. ;o;

So, I really feel like writing about a india/indian girl who is also autistic. Thing is, I'm not even sure where to go with it. She would live in California, but her mother still follows tradition and such. She understands that her daughter is autistic, but she still expects her daughter to follow the rules of their culture and religion and all that stuff. The daughter is obviously somewhat defiant because she wants to do things in her own way. She also has an older sister who somewhat follows that same tradition, but even she's doing what she can to get away from some of the really hardcore stuff. I'm also not sure if I want to have the MC fall for a white boy and be even more resistant/defiant or if she it would be better if she fell for another indian boy instead. D: I should probably do some research because that would help too. I've been working a lot on doing those things before starting the story...